An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Helping You

One of the most intimidating things about hiring an attorney is the unknown. Most people just don’t know what the process is like or what to expect, especially during the initial consultation.

At the Law Office of Michael A. Schillinger, Esq., I offer free initial consultations, so there is no financial risk in meeting with me. For clients throughout Long Island and New York City, I fight aggressively to minimize the consequences of criminal charges and will walk you through the legal process.

When you work with my law firm, I will put you at ease, by explaining everything that’s happening and fighting to help you avoid prison.

What To Expect During Your Consultation

Consultations typically take between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the facts of your case. During your consultation, we will walk through the legal process and discuss the potential options that you may have.

  • First, I will gather some information about you as a person. Some of that information is necessary so that I can keep you informed throughout your case. Other information becomes important to how your case is handled. What many people in the legal system lose sight of is the fact that you are an individual person, not just a statistic. This is a fact that we make sure to remind the police, the district attorney, and/or the other party of, by giving them a full view of the person behind the allegations.
  • After gathering your information, we will discuss your case itself. Please be sure to bring any court documents that you may have with you so that we can review them together. During this stage of the consultation, I will go over the specifics of your case. Then, we will discuss your side of the story. Before this consultation, you may have felt that people were not listening to what you had to say. That will not be the case here. This is your time to explain exactly what happened, through your eyes. Remember, if you decide to hire me, I am there for you as your advocate.
  • Finally, we will discuss what lies ahead with your case. I understand that many people are not familiar with the specifics of the legal system, and I will outline what the process will be like, from start to finish. We will also take this opportunity to discuss the merits of your case, what potential penalties you may face, and how much everything may cost.

The initial consultation is just the beginning of your legal defense. Throughout your case, I will keep things simple and make sure we’re focusing on getting you results.

Don’t Delay Speaking With Me

It’s also imperative to provide all the facts to me so I can begin investigating your case as soon as possible.

Evidence such as surveillance video can sometimes be deleted within just a few days of a recording, and it’s important to obtain the evidence that supports your side of the story as soon as possible.

Furthermore, it is critical to have an attorney representing your interests during any lineup procedures and before you give any statements to the police.

Call For A Free Consultation Today

If you have any other questions or are ready to schedule your free consultation, please contact me at 866-561-7799 or email me.