All Sex Crimes Charges Can Affect The Rest Of Your Life

In New York state, sex crimes are looked upon as particularly heinous crimes and are prosecuted extremely zealously by district attorneys. These crimes can include child pornography, forcible touching, sexual assault, engaging in sexual relations with a minor, public lewdness and prostitution.

Convictions in this area of the law can carry extremely severe penalties, including jail time and placement on sex offender registries. Sex offender registration can follow you for life and seriously limit your job and housing opportunities, as well as your relationship with your family.

It Only Takes An Allegation To Threaten Your Future

In fact, even simply being accused of committing a sex-related offense can ruin a person’s reputation, jeopardize employment, and have many other adverse effects on someone’s life. Because the stakes are so high, it is important that you have an experienced attorney representing you throughout every step of your case.

Experienced Representation For Sex Crime Cases

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With a wealth of experience representing clients in a range of criminal defense matters throughout New York and Long Island, I have earned a reputation as a compassionate lawyer and a tough advocate for my clients. It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible, even if you haven’t been charged yet. You don’t want an accusation to impact your future. I know how to protect your rights in these situations.

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