Aggressive Defense Against Drug Crime Charges In New York

Being accused of a drug crime can be very serious, especially in New York where local officials continue the war on drugs. With politicians wanting to appear to be taking a strong stance on drugs, the penalties can be very severe. Therefore, if you are charged with a drug-related crime, it is important that you speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to minimize these potential penalties.

At the Law Office of Michael A. Schillinger, Esq., I defend clients throughout New York and Long Island against drug crime charges. My legal career is marked by helping my clients and providing aggressive advocacy to get my clients the results they need. When your case concludes, you do not want to be in prison, have to pay too heavy of a fine or have your future ruined. I will do everything possible to help you obtain your goals.

Common Drug Crimes

Drug crimes range in severity from simple violations all the way up to class A-1 felonies. Understanding what you’ve been charged with is important in determining the potential consequences. Some common drug charges include the following:

Possession of marijuana: While in many states, marijuana has been legalized or is on the path to being legalized, in New York, it is not yet legal. Even though you may not believe you can still get into trouble for marijuana, you should understand that even possessing small quantities of marijuana can result in violations and fines. Possessing more than 25 grams of marijuana can result in misdemeanor charges, and possessing more than eight ounces can result in several different felony charges, depending upon the specific weight.

Criminal possession of a controlled substance: Simply possessing drugs without a prescription can have serious criminal consequences. Under the New York Penal law, possessing a controlled substance is considered a class A misdemeanor and can subject you to up to a year in jail along with fines. Possessing larger quantities of certain drugs can lead to much more serious charges, ranging from a class E felony, all the way up to a class A-1 felony, which can carry a mandatory minimum amount of jail time.

Criminal sale of a controlled substance: Depending on the substances involved, criminal sale of a controlled substance charges can range from a class D felony all the way up to a class A-1 felony, each of these carrying serious sentences which include jail time and fines.

While these are some of the more common drug charges, there are many others, including using drug paraphernalia, unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine, and operating as a major trafficker, among others.

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