Can one DWI ruin my child’s future?

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You have worked hard for years to ensure your children have a better life. You raised them to be responsible and respect their elders. You made sure they always completed their homework and kept good grades. Your kids are on a path to college. Then one day, you receive an unimaginable phone call. The police have arrested your teenager for driving while intoxicated.

Just like that, it seems like all your hard work is down the drain. Can your child still get into college after such a screw-up?

A first offense will not ruin their life

Making mistakes is part of growing up, but trying just one drink and getting behind the wheel could be enough to get them into trouble. New York has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking. Anyone under 21 caught driving with a blood-alcohol concentration over .02 will face a penalty. While the parameters are tighter for young adults, luckily, the punishment is not. A first offense will result in a small fine and the loss of their driver’s license for six months.

Colleges understand mistakes

Admissions directors may question the incident, but most universities grasp that kids mess up. What is vital to schools is that your child can demonstrate they have learned a lesson from their poor judgment. Encourage your adolescent to be open and honest about their experience. Talk openly with them about how close they came to hurting themselves or someone else and ruining their future.

A first DWI offense for an underage driver may not ruin any life plans. But be aware that second, third, and subsequent offenses come with much steeper penalties.