Intimate relationships and domestic violence allegations

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Whether you recently broke up with a long-term partner and they falsely accuse you of domestic violence or your current partner is threatening to take action after a fight, it is important to review various issues regarding domestic violence. For starters, you should familiarize yourself with domestic violence laws and key terms, such as how the state defines intimate relationships.

A domestic violence case could turn many aspects of your life upside down. Unfortunately, some people lose their jobs, suffer damage to their reputation and lose the ability to see their kids because of false claims.

Domestic violence and the definition of intimate partners

According to the New York State Unified Court System, domestic violence cases involve allegations of abuse against an intimate partner. An intimate partner could be a husband, wife or former spouse, an in-law, or someone who has a child with the other party. Sometimes, intimate partners involve boyfriends, girlfriends and dating partners, as well as unrelated parties who live together (or used to live together).

Reviewing examples of domestic violence

It is important to note that domestic violence can take various forms. Sometimes, people face charges due to accusations involving sexual assault, while others find themselves in this position over claims regarding emotional abuse, financial abuse, physical abuse or intimidation. People can decide to falsely accuse their current partner or their ex of domestic violence for various reasons, whether they seek revenge or want to win a custody battle.

If you currently face domestic violence charges, you need to carefully examine the details of your case as well as your options.