Will a DWI affect your nursing career?

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Having a DWI conviction on record is a serious deal. Not only can it impact your ability to seek higher education, but it can impact your chances of finding work in the future. As someone currently employed, you are not safe, either.

A DWI can and often does impact the current jobs of those who end up with a marred record. As a nurse, you are particularly at risk for large impacts on your career because of a DWI.

Standard penalties

Registered Nursing examines the possible outcomes after facing a DWI conviction. First, nurses will always face the same penalties as the average citizen. This can include fines, fees, time in jail, mandatory attendance in substance abuse programs, enrollment in detoxification clinics, community service and more. You may also face the possibility of a driver’s license suspension, which can severely impact your ability to get around.

Career-related penalties

More specific to nursing, your nursing license will also be at risk. The state nursing board examines each DWI record on a case-by-case basis, deciding on how to handle it based on factors like the severity of the charge and whether or not you injured or killed another person.

You may end up facing a probationary period in which you cannot work at all. You may also deal with a period of supervision in which you cannot do work without a supervisor on hand. In severe cases, license suspension or revocation may happen, effectively ending your nursing career unless you move to a different state. Thus, you can see that you should take DWI charges seriously.