What is larceny?

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The law covers a range of different theft charges. They can be minor crimes or very serious ones. The level of seriousness often will depend on the value of the stolen goods.

Theft crimes fall under the general crime of larceny, according to the New York Senate.

The basics

Larceny involves taking the property of another person with the intent to deprive them of use. This also includes withholding property or obtaining a property that someone else took. It also includes tricking someone into giving up property or gaining it through fraud. The crime can include taking property that the owner lost without trying to return it to the owner. Larceny also covers writing bad checks.

Additional important notes

Extortion also falls under the crime of larceny. Extortion involves threats or physical harm or property damage to someone in an attempt to make them give you property.

Larceny covers many situations and is simply another way of saying theft, but it applies to only property. Theft can apply to a variety of stolen things, including identity theft. So, there are some differences.

Larceny can also be grand or petit. It depends on the value of the property stolen. Grand larceny carries much stiffer penalties. Petit larceny is a misdemeanor, while grand larceny is a felony and can be various levels of felony charges.

Since larceny is such a broad term covering a range of theft crimes, it is essential to understand the specific charges you face. You cannot devise a proper defense unless you know the details of the situation and accusations against you.