What are examples of insurance fraud?

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Sometimes, people commit insurance fraud without realizing it. Only when they face criminal charges may they learn they messed up somewhere. Realizing where they messed up may help keep the person out of hot legal water.

The Insurance Information Institute explores examples of insurance fraud. Those accused of fraud deserve to know the reason for the charges.

Car insurance fraud

Common examples of car insurance fraud include inflating claims and misrepresenting details intentionally. Salvage fraud is when a person tries to sell a water-damaged vehicle after a storm. Criminals in states with relaxed salvage title laws may try to exploit loopholes. Some auto body repair shops install counterfeit airbags to scam money from auto insurance providers.

Health insurance fraud

When one person steals another’s health insurance policy number, name or other personal details, she or he commits health identity theft. Other than policyholders, nursing homes, physicians, diagnostic facilities and medical equipment companies may commit health insurance fraud.

Workers’ compensation fraud

Companies must double-check their payroll and their employees’ job duties when applying for workers’ compensation policies. Misrepresenting such facts may lead to insurance fraud claims. Sometimes, companies apply for policies under false names to avoid facing the consequences of having a spotty claim record.

Property insurance fraud

After natural disasters, some property owners attempt to commit fraud by submitting false or exaggerated claims. To qualify for a higher claim, some policyholders damage their property intentionally. Untrustworthy contractors may take advantage of homeowners in need of help after a natural disaster or catastrophe.

Those accused of fraud may honestly not know what they did wrong. Getting the facts on the matter helps parties understand the basis for their legal trouble.